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About Us:

Bask & Co. Granola was developed after discovering there was a lack of nutrient rich, unprocessed, gluten free and refined sugar free breakfast cereals on the supermarket shelves. 6 months of recipe development went into creating Bask & Co. Granola and we believe our chunky clusters are like nothing else on the market.

Bask & Co. Granola is made with 100% natural, pesticide free and organic ingredients which have been carefully selected from local small businesses. Each small batch is crafted by hand at The Wandering Cooks, South Brisbane to ensure only the highest quality product reaches you.

What is in Bask & Co. Granola?

Our granola clusters are created from a base of pesticide free almonds, organic dried dates and organic coconut. We pride ourselves on sourcing only the highest quality ingredients and we even make our own almond butter!

Bask & Co. Granola is vegan, gluten free & refined sugar free. Making it a fantastic option for a variety of dietary requirements.

How should I enjoy Bask & Co. Granola?

Enjoy the chunky clusters straight out of the bag as a snack on the go, as a yoghurt or smoothie bowl topper for breakfast or with poached fruit as a healthy dessert.

ABN: 47 700 799 227